Flying techniques

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How to pilot a plane? Do you have to be a professional pilot to control an aircraft with accuracy?

No you don't!
Many inexperienced pilots think that piloting a plane with accuracy is difficult. It is wrong!
Most of the time these pilots themselves complicate the task because they use the wrong controls with the wrong techniques.
Mastering some basics and using the right techniques will enable you to pilot with accuracy easily and even get pleasure out of it.

This site explains a few principles and techniques to improve the control of the speed and the trajectory of your plane.

Alright, but what for ?

Controlling your aircraft efficiently is the best way to avoid focusing your attention on this task and so it makes the other tasks easier by freeing your mind for them (for example, you can use more attention for radiocommunication, navigation or aircraft separation...).

In order for you to understand and assimilate the following principles quickly, I will assume you are a student pilot and focus on the most important and practical information. For the rest, read your book or ask your instructor.

Taking off !!!

1 : Notions and principles to begin

2 : Speed and trajectory management

3 : How to trim

4 : Energy management

5 : The final approach

6 : The flare

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